I'm Michelle, a wife, mum, stepmum, momma to two crazy fur babies, CEO @home and the chaos that all that brings.....and Founder of Michelle Brown - Coach and The Good Company Membership.

I have a background in both conventional healthcare and more recently holistic wellbeing.  This powerful combination of disciplines not only gives me an understanding of how the body works in terms of it's anatomy, physiology, psychology and emotions, but also how subtle body energy works and impacts us in our daily life.


I am a certified Master Health and Life Coach and my mission is to help as many people as possible tune in to their intuition and become the healthiest version of themselves.  

Whilst conventional views of upgrading our health (such as nutrition, movement, sleep and relaxation) are undeniably crucial, I believe that non of this focus will lead to sustainable health unless we are also living in the truth of who we are.  

Health is an inside job.  By coaching people to peel back the layers of stories (and release the energetic ties) that have been imprinted throughout their lives and that keep them 'stuck in a rut', we utilise the quickest and most sustainable tool we have to achieving truly vibrant health - our innate intuition...the energy!  

It's by living in our truth that health becomes inevitable. 

I know this intimately, because it is my journey too. It’s been 5 years since I stopped sliding down a slippery slope and I hit rock bottom.  As a spectator of my life back then, it would be true to say that I had it all….an amazing husband; a beautiful and wonderful son; a fabulous step son whom I loved as my own; a stunning home, cars, luxury holidays. I was happy and living ‘the life’!

So how can I have been on a slippery slope? The truth is, I really didn’t know I was, until my ass hit that rock at the bottom! Boy was it a shock…and it hurt! Dark clouds present even on the sunniest of days, overweight, exhausted, overwhelmed by even the smallest of tasks…and that’s if I wasn’t stuck in apathy towards doing tasks at all!

It took nearly a year before the shock subsided enough to hear the penny drop and I realised the way out of the pit I was in. Even that was an experience I’ll never forget. If rock bottom was the wake up call….this was the ice cold face cloth in the face!

…and so I began to climb.


It was as I started to take the first few tentative steps, that I began to remember how often an awareness of energy interactions had touched my life in the past. Whether it had been for an extended period as I spent time in Australia, or a relative glimpse received in a touch from an enlightened family member. I was unaware that as I had become wrapped up in living daily life, I had forgotten my lessons!

So there I was…eager to remember past lessons and discover even more about energy, its vibration and influences…soaking up the knowledge like a sponge. Learning from and questioning mentors, guides and the energy itself. It was intense (ironically a build up of energy!), as I began to recognise how I’d started on the slippery slope and what had accelerated the sliding, but all the while this intensity was helping me slowly climb out of the pit.

Concepts started to form, until a level of understanding of how it all works together became apparent. My fledgling theory of Good Company was born!

'So what!' I thought....what now? I allowed myself time to sit in the amazing energy of wonder….to dream, about its potential impact on the lives of others, as it had impacted my own.

Caring for people and their health had been a large part of my life to this point and so the pull towards that avenue of service was notably strong. I spent a couple of years retraining as a Health and Lifestyle Coach and I integrated this learning with my learning and experience as an holistic therapist (these qualifications I gained during my climbing phase!) and my conventional healthcare background. The combination of these modalities now forms the foundation of The SHINE System.


I'm opening my heart and sharing this with those of you who are tired all the time, exhausted, overwhelmed or lacking motivation. I’m talking to everyone who feels stuck…and is trying…to lose weight, to get fit, to do it all, be this, be that. I’m talking to all those who have spent a small fortune on the latest celebrity self help books, cook books, fitness videos, unused gym memberships, spa days…the list goes on.

This is for all those who are searching for something different, because they’ve tried everything else and it didn't help, in whatever area of their lives they experience struggle.

If you still can’t see it yet, just know that the stories we tell ourselves don’t just affect our health, but our careers, love and relationships, money…you name it…our stories are repeating energetic patterns that can impact all areas of our lives.

I’ve seen this up close and personal…and have worked to clean up my stories over the last five years (and will continue to work on this). Coaching and mentoring people to realise this and help spark a change is what fires me up and brings me to raise the energy conversation with you…and everyone.

It is the key to creating the life you dream of…what are you waiting for?…let’s get to work! 


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