I am a certified Master Health and Life Coach and my mission is to help as many people as possible tune in to their intuition and become the healthiest version of themselves.  

Whilst conventional views of upgrading our health (such as nutrition, movement, sleep and relaxation) are undeniably crucial, I believe that non of this focus will lead to sustainable health unless we are also living in the truth of who we are.  

Health is an inside job.  By coaching people to peel back the layers of stories (and release the energetic ties) that have been imprinted throughout their lives and that keep them 'stuck in a rut', we utilise the quickest and most sustainable tool we have to achieving truly vibrant health - our innate intuition...the energy!  

It's by living in our truth that health becomes inevitable. 

The stories we tell ourselves don’t just affect our health, but our careers, love and relationships, money…you name it…our stories are repeating energetic patterns that can impact all areas of our lives.

I’ve seen this up close and personal…and have worked to clean up my stories over the last five years (and will continue to work on this). Coaching and mentoring people to realise this and help spark a change is what fires me up and brings me to raise the energy conversation with you…and everyone.

It is the key to creating the life you dream of…what are you waiting for?…let’s get to work! 


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Evidence of Certification, Scope of Practice and Insurance cover can be provided upon written request.