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My Signature 12 week online 1:1 coaching programme to help you not only upgrade, but transform your body, health and life. 

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Dream Health Makeover


Are you are tired of information overload and confusion about what you 'should' be doing to feel healthy, happy and vibrantly ALIVE?

Then you're in the right place!

​Dream Health Makeover is a personalised programme that follows my bespoke SHINE coaching system.  It cuts through an ever increasing amount of confusing 'one size fits all' health and wellness information and helps you 'tune in' to your intuition, your innate sense of knowing, about what is heathy specifically for YOU!  With its all encompassing deep dive into YOUR health desires, we'll take a close look at the daily choices and behaviours that shape YOUR health and wellbeing and subsequently YOUR quality of life.

So, whether you want to boost your energy levels, lose weight, sleep better or learn how to switch off more often...whatever your desire is for your health...this is the programme for YOU because getting the best out of YOUR body, health and life is ALL ABOUT YOU!!

I believe that living intentionally and proactively creating a health and wellbeing focussed lifestyle, based in an awareness of what is intuitively right for us as individuals, is vital if health is to be sustainable.

My bespoke 
SHINE system is designed specifically to support this belief with:

  • Self discovery - This programme will help you build awareness and confidence in your own innate intuition for your unique health and wellbeing, so you can stop trying to follow the latest fads and trends.

  • Habits - Dream Health Makeover will help you learn to create and maintain nourishing habits and routines that will breathe life and vitality into your body, mind and soul.

  • Impediments - You will begin to discover (and nurture the ability to blast through) what is stopping you, slowing you down or getting in the way of the body, health and life you dream of, so you can move forward in life.

  • No holding back - This programme will ignite self-authorisation for you to step into your phenomenal personal power.  Dream Health Makeover is all about YOUR health...in ALL areas of life, not just in the physical sense.  The power of Good Company means your whole life will likely get a jump start too.  (You can discover more about The Power of Good Company - The Secret Source of Freedom here).

  • Empowerment - Combining desire with action, Dream Health Makeover will help you dream even bigger than you've ever dared before.​

Now is your time to SHINE!

Included in the Programme


  • Live and pre-recorded content, delivered weekly (for up to 12 weeks) and available via a private membership portal.
  • Up to 4 x 1:1 personalised online coaching sessions, of 60-90 minutes per session, with me - via zoom.
  • ​Access to support outside of a coaching session, via a private channel (which I will respond to timely during working hours).
  • Printable worksheets or templates to accompany the weekly content.
  • 'Action Steps' that you can begin immediately, to help integrate this knowledge into your life.
  • Bonuses to deepen the work throughout the programme!
  • Someone who really cares in your corner.

£777 per month for 3 months


pay in full £2,000


If you are ready to be inspired, roll up your sleeves and implement these energy boosting, body transforming and life affirming strategies with me (or you would like more information) then book a discovery call here and let's get the adventure started!


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