Are You Ready? kick start your energy, clear out that head fog and regain mental clarity, so you can feel truly energised in body and mind and step out into your most powerful Self? have the vibrant Health of your dreams? discover the Secret Source of Freedom in your Life?


It's time to look at our Health and lifestyle a little differently.  There is so much, often conflicting, information available at the click of a button that we can often be in information overload.  We freeze...and so we do nothing...or we do something, but not for very long!    

It's time to SIMPLIFY things.

The Power of Good Company is the theory around which my 5 step intuition based Health and Lifestyle coaching methodology, The SHINE System, is centred. 

Understanding and getting back to basics with the principles of Good Company can help to SHINE a light on YOUR specific health and wellbeing NEEDS and DESIRES...and by extension LIGHT up your LIFE.


Are you ready to discover the power of GOOD COMPANY, find the secret source of FREEDOM, so you can SHINE in your health and life? 


What Will You Learn?

Gain an understanding of how energetics and key principles of energy flow are at the heart of everyday life and the significance of this for our health, wellbeing and life.

Discover how to interrupt repeating patterns in your health and life...the 'why do I always do that?' moments...and realign with your health and life desires.  

Learn how to create and maintain resilience and step into your personal power...helping you effortlessly create the health and lifestyle of your dreams!

Meet Michelle

This year I celebrate a 5 year anniversary. The anniversary of the realisation that something in my life needed to change.  I was overweight, exhausted and overwhelmed.

The Power of Good Company is based on my observations of the process through which I created the health full, joyful life of my dreams.

The lessons I learned continue to change me and every aspect of my life...from diet and exercise to mindset and energetics...beyond measure!

My mission is to share this Secret Source of FREEDOM with you in the knowledge that it can help everyone, regardless of what, or how much, you want to change in your life. It all starts with the first step. 

If you are ready to be inspired and proactive in your health and lifestyle then The Power of Good Company is for you!


Michelle Brown - Health and Lifestyle Coach, Mentor, Wellness Entrepreneur and Founder of Michelle Brown - Coach and The Good Company Membership


In 2020 the world as we knew it changed forever. The way that we look at our health and lives has changed forever and now more than ever people need to feel fabulous again. The opportunity to light up your health, and life, has never been greater.

Your time is now.

The Power of Good Company

The Secret Source of Freedom

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