Health and Lifestyle Coaching


 'Putting the life back into living'

Hi, I’m Michelle, Health and Lifestyle Coach and mentor to people who are ready to put the life back into living.  Those who are ready to kick start their energy, clear out that head fog and regain mental clarity, so they can feel truly energised in body and mind and step out into their most powerful Self.

I work with people who are ready to say goodbye to a lacklustre life, feeling tired all the time, being exhausted or overwhelmed.

​My coaching and programmes are based around my theory of 'Good Company'.  I run these various programmes throughout the year and they also have their own individual and unique methodology.  

My signature programme, 'Dream Health Makeover' guides clients through ‘SHINE’, my 5 step intuition based coaching system and helps those who feel trapped in their lives because tiredness has slowly depleted their stores of confidence, self esteem, motivation, resilience and resolve.


Why Coaching?


With so much information available at the click of a button, what we need to do for ourselves to have optimum health and wellbeing can be confusing. Even if we can make sense of it, the distance between knowing what to do and actually doing it can be a million miles.  Coaching can help you bridge that gap!

I believe that living intentionally and proactively creating a health and wellbeing focussed lifestyle, based in an awareness of what is intuitively right for us as individuals, is vital if health is to be sustainable.


The SHINE system is designed specifically to support this belief with:

  • ​Self discovery - the building of awareness and confidence in your own innate intuition for your unique health and wellbeing.
  • Habits - the creation and maintenance of nourishing habits and routines.

  • Impediments - the discovery of (and ability to blast through) what is getting in your way.

  • No holding back - the self-authorisation to step into your phenomenal personal power.

  • Empowerment - desire and action, dream even bigger than you've ever dared before.​

Now is your time to SHINE!


Why Me?

What Clients are Saying


"I had no expectations of coaching as the concept was new to me, but I was blown away by the content, manner in which it was delivered and by Michelle herself. 

 I feel privileged to have been guided by her and was incredibly moved by her dedication to her work and commitment to working with me to improve my health and wellbeing. 

 Michelle went above and beyond and I will always be grateful for this.  She did not spoon feed me, in fact she challenged me in a very supportive way and helped me identify progression when it was difficult to see myself. 

 I highly recommend Michelle and her coaching programme. 

Thank You."

Susan - Health Care Executive


"Michelle made the weekly sessions a perfect fit for me. I felt heard, supported and understood and I now look forward to putting these tools consistently into practice. I learnt a lot about myself over the 90 days and am excited to learn more over the next 90!! Thank you Michelle for being such an inspiration and raising the vibration!!"

Gabby - Personal Trainer


If you would like to discuss your current health and wellbeing challenges and find out how I can help you put more life back into your life, then book a 60 minute FREE discovery call now....let's get started.

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